One of the key capabilities of any management consultancy should always be an extended ability to successfully train (or brief) a wide range of client resources. At Arbitor, we devote extra attention to this aspect of a project.

When it comes to a model or tool, we as a rule, provide unlocked coding deliverables to all of our clients. All development resources and archives are typically included within the deliverables package. That enables the client to make case-by-case modifications on their own without the need to recontract with Arbitor. While we have on occasion provided extended support for past deliverables as a service, we generally operate under the assumption that the client's internal resources will need to be fully able to manage all deliverables after the project is completed.

Arbitor supports a number of different training modalities to achieve that end. Arbitor can provide classroom training and materials when there is a need for many people to be trained. Arbitor's printed instruction manuals make liberal use of actual screenshots and examples of how to use the respective deliverable. In some cases, it also makes sense to provide instructional videos which incorporate live material covered within the printed manuals, but in more detail. Arbitor can support whatever training needs are generated by the project.


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