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Measurable Management Discipline™ (MMD™) :
MMD™ is a process approach that primarily depends on promoting management behaviors that have an objective, causal and measurable impact on a desired business outcome. The positive aspects of metrics and measurement are well established, with many different philosophies or approaches operating in today's business environment. MMD™ embraces any approach which maintains an objective causal link between management behavior and business outcomes.

In contrast, some management behaviors, which are staples in the business environment, could be characterized as "faith-based" or "superstitious", i.e. when there is no objective, causal or measurable impact associated with a specific management behavior but it is performed regardless. Often there is an emotional context or rationale associated with the behavior. Many examples or approaches that fall within this category exist in today's business environment, and represent actionable management opportunities. MMD™ embraces such approaches ONLY when there is no objective causal link currently understood for the behavior and with the full intention of creating/documenting objective causal links for future reference.

MMD™ provides a conceptual framework that enables management to better evaluate existing and proposed process approaches without having to modify a functional business in order to better suit a change agency.

Arbitor provides enterprise analysis, change management and training in MMD™ process principles.

Examples and Case Studies:

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