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Group Inertia:
MMD™ uses the concept of Group Inertia to better understand and predict change management outcomes. In principle, any group behavior can be characterized as a behavioral vector with force and direction. Group Inertia analysis predicts how difficult it will be to change the existing behavioral vector to a new desired behavioral vector.

Group Inertia evaluates the current group behavior force and direction against the desired outcome (a new force and direction). This analysis enables scope and feasibility studies with more predictive power. As an example, some desired outcomes would require an inefficient amount of force to implement. Force in this context means change management behavior, whether it is training, process enforcement, differential reinforcement, or other behavior modification regime. Other examples would include smaller changes which realize the management outcomes more efficiently.

If Group Inertia is well understood, it greatly simplifies and improves the efficiency of change management activities.

Examples and Case Studies:

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