Contractor's Guide to Winning Home Improvement Projects

A concise guide to the business aspects of home improvement contracting. Covers the topics of marketing, branding, proposals/bids, contracts, collections, lawsuits, and online reputation management.

Filled with "what to do" and "what not to do" examples, written in easy to understand language for the business novice.

Answers the question, "Why am I not winning my fair share of the home improvement contracts that I bid?"

Available for Kindle and Nook formats.

Homeowner's Guide to Working with Reputable Home Improvement Contractors

Nearly every homeowner will eventually need to engage home improvement contractors for new projects or repairs to their home. Unfortunately, many homeowners are unsure how to find the best contractors, negotiate and contract for the work. As a result, homeowners tend to follow whatever commercial recommendations are offered by contractors. Homeowners often sign completely unfair contracts, simply on the recommendation of someone they've just met who has a financial conflict of interest.

This book provides homeowners a simple accessible process, with proven best practice methods to reduce the multiple risks involved when hiring home improvement contractors.

Available for Kindle and Nook formats.





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