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Modeling and Tool Development :
Arbitor resources have many years of expertise creating and maintaining solutions for clients' complex data requirements, and a history of extremely fast development.

Typically, clients have existing development resources either within the firm or under existing contracts with large data services providers. Unfortunately, both cases generally require that the manager fully define project requirements prior to starting work. Often, the manager is unable to spend the time necessary to create the full set of project requirements. That leads to extended development cycles as well as extremely high costs, when dealing with external providers.

Arbitor's development resources are experienced senior level business consultants, as well as model and tool developers. This enables them to better anticipate the manager's needs from less information, saving significant time and expense. Generally, Arbitor's developers can provide Alpha versions for testing and comments within 10 business days.

Once the model or tool is developed, Arbitor provides full documentation with unlocked code and training sessions as required by the client in order to seamlessly transition the expertise to internal company resources.

Types of applications provided previously:

  • Financials for business cases
  • Customer Lifecycle Analysis
  • Competitor Behavior Models
  • Cellsite Equipment Optimization/Project Tracking
  • Advertising Agency Project Tracking
  • RFP Evaluation with Vendor Q&A Archive
  • Contract Negotiation Tools
  • Telecommunications Equipment Proposal Generator
  • RFP/Contract Pricing Tools
  • Spend Analysis Tools
  • SCM Savings Tracking
  • SCM Process Presentation Steps
  • Sales Performance Custom Reporting

Platforms include MS-Excel, MS-Access, Filemaker, SQL/PHP, etc. depending on existing client platform availability.


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